Timewarper is a Roller coaster that opened in Cedar Point in 2009. It has 20 Cars and each car can hold 2 people each. The Running time is 1 minute and 10 Seconds.

The RideEdit

Each seat of the cars is loaded with people on the side that the seat is at. Once theyre Loaded,they wait 10 Seconds as the coaster car backs up then they wait another 10 seconds as the coaster stops. Suddenly,it is launched at a speed of 167 MPH up a 395 Foot Hill as It then plunges down into a tunnel and then runs up a hill into a Flinstones like house. It then does a Loop de loop and flies out a window and into a Roman like coliseum which then it swerves down a sharp hill. It then Swerves past plastic Gladiator Dummies and even does a DNA Helice like roll between them. Then They Swerve their way down a tunnel as it then goes up a giant hill and slows down as it gets to the top. It is a chain lifting the coaster cars up the hill and It takes them into a vent of light. It is revealed to be the ground which then it makes a turn and then goes up another hill into the station.


  • The three positions that Take place on the ride is the stone age,the roman times and the present time.
  • The speed The coaster uses to travel up the first hill beats the record of the Speed used in the fastest steel coaster on earth,The Formula Rossa In Ferrari world In Abu Dhabi. The Formula Rossa uses a top speed of 150 MPH.
  • The Coaster ride is based on What it would be like to travel in a REAL Time machine.


  • July 4,2010-The lever the crewman uses to launch the coaster was jammed,so the coaster was stuck for 5 hours. They finally managed to unjam the lever and the coaster speeded out and Everyone was glad the ride finally started.
  • October 12,2010-One of the beams at the top of the first hill was almost cracked,so when the coaster went over the top of the hill,It Broke,causing the track to bend which made the last car lose one wheel,causing it to skid the whole ride. An Old man was thrown from the last car During the ride and he was killed.
  • June 7,2011-The coaster failed to Do the DNA Helice like loop in the coliseum

And it fell and crashed and most of the passengers riding the ride were killed while the rest were severelly injured. It was revealed that the circuit that held up the DNA Helice like loop lock chip was loose. Most of the cars were cracked and the ride was closed for 2 weeks so they could fix the cars.

  • July 30,2011-Two Girls in the 15th Car were thrown from their Cart at the top of the first hill and they landed in a different part of cedar point and died. The next day The ride was closed so they could look at the cars to see if there were any problems. The U like body guard belt you wear over the top of tour body was not properly bolted into place from the Incident in June (Above).
  • October 5,2011-The tunnel the coaster swerved down towards the end of the ride had a cave in and the people on the ride were stuck on the ride for 9 Hours as the firefighters had to clear the path and clean the minerals from the rocks off the track.
  • July 9,2012-A seat in the 4th Car was loose so a 16 year old boy on the ride was flinged towards the Thingy from The July 2011 incident while they were entering the coliseum and his spleen was severelly bruised. he was sent to a hospital after the ride,but he died at 11:35PM That night.

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